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Theme Lead, Leverhulme Research Centre for Functional Materials Design


Most of our technologies are limited by the performance of materials, so it's critical to discover new materials to enable new transformative technologies. Researchers have been discovering materials for a long time, but it's generally a slow and unpredictable process. I lead the activity related to the discovery of new inorganic materials, and develop new methods for materials discovery in a systematic fashion, so that we can accelerate our search for new materials with exciting new properties.

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The Materials Innovation Factory@Liverpool

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Home to the Leverhulme Research Centre for Functional Materials Design, the MIF houses a scientific and engineering community that creates new collective knowledge and fosters the next generation of scientific leaders, and serves as the innovation engine for discoveries in new materials. In addition, the MIF Open Access Area hosts one of the highest-concentrations of materials science robotics in the world, and a suite of advanced analytical equipment.

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Who am I?

I'm a big fan of cheese, M.C. Escher, and high fives, and working to develop tools to accelerate the discovery of new materials with properties that enable new technologies. Breaking out of the space of known materials to discover new materials with novel physics is an outstanding challenge, and my team is developing tools to systematically improve our methodology to accomplish this.


Michael Gaultois
Theme Lead in Inorganic Materials Discovery

m.gaultois [at] liverpool.ac.uk

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Materials Innovation Factory
University of Liverpool
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