Freeware programs for making beautiful figures and manuscripts for publication.

  • QtGrace
    Grace is a plotting framework used to make elegant figures for publication
  • ProTeXt
    A TeX distribution for Windows.
  • JabRef
    Open source reference manager.


Freeware programs for improving your productivity and managing your computer(s).

    For your computer

  • Notepad++
    Power-user text editor: Regular expressions, select columns, syntax highlighting, macro recording, ...
  • Launchy
    Make your start menu obselete: launch documents and programs quickly with a couple keystrokes.
  • IrfanView graphic viewer
    Small footprint, fast, great compatibility, and batch processing.
  • KeePass Password Safe
    Great open-source password manager; reduce your online security vulnerabilities.
  • Advanced Renamer
    Intuitive batch rename utility that supports regular expressions, scripts, EXIF data, ID3 tags, and more.
  • PicPick tools
    Handy desktop tools: measure distances, angles, pick colours, take screenshots of specific windows.
  • TortoiseSVN
    Subversion (SVN) client as a Windows shell extension; revision control made easy.
  • Dexpot
    Virtual desktop environment for windows.
  • For your other computers

  • TeamViewer
    Elegant remote desktop application; works from mobile devices and behind closed networks.
  • VMware Player
    Run virtual machines (e.g. Linux) within Windows.
  • vCenter Converter
    Turn your old physical computer into a virtual machine.


Resources for analysis of data from powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) and visualization of crystal structures.


Resources for X-ray spectroscopy.


Resources for physical properties and other useful data.

On the web

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Who am I?

I'm a big fan of cheese, M.C. Escher, and high fives, and working to develop tools to accelerate the discovery of new materials with properties that enable new technologies. Breaking out of the space of known materials to discover new materials with novel physics is an outstanding challenge, and my team is developing tools to systematically improve our methodology to accomplish this.


Michael Gaultois
Theme Lead in Inorganic Materials Discovery

m.gaultois [at] liverpool.ac.uk

+1 42-42 SALMON

Materials Innovation Factory
University of Liverpool
51 Oxford Road, Liverpool, L7 3NY